Quotation Mark Bridle Leather Nickel Studs Detail Collar


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Quotation Mark Leather Collar is a timeless and hardy accessory for your dog. Handcrafted from bridle leather, Quotation Mark Leather Collar features a strong, mighty cut of leather designed to withstand the tug and pull from any dog. Meanwhile, this dog collar features hand-painted details, flanked by nickel studs made to complete the look.

Each of our leather, streetwear dog accessories also feature a satin-finish steel buckle and D-ring for added durability and comfort. 

  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Hand Painted in the UK
  • Bridle Leather
  • XS – 7″ – 10″
  • S – 11″ – 14″
  • M – 15″ – 18″
  • L – 19″ – 23″