Marquee Innovations Motion Activated 16 Color Toilet Night Light with UV Sterilizer and Fragrance Dispenser


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Adopt infrared technology to accurately detect movements within 6.5 feet & 90 degrees wide coverage. Automatically turns on when you’re close to it and turns off if no motion is detected. Equipped with ultraviolet light to disinfect the toilet bowl & 2 PVC Scented pieces which can improve the odor around the toilet. It helps you locate the toilet without having to turn on the light in your bathroom. The soft light protects your eyes and sleepiness light your room and your way. Our LED night light is splashproof. Never worry about the splash of the toilet bowl Safe for bathrooms. The adjustable arm can be bent to install onto any toilet seat in seconds. How To Install: Step 1: Put in the 3 AAA Batteries Step 2: Remove the front cover place the scented piece inside and place the cover back. Step 3: Lift the lid of the toilet seat Bend the arm of the Toilet Light in a vertical shape and hang it on the rim of the toilet seat. How to Clean: With a damp cloth or cleaning tissue.


  • The colors can be rotated or fixed by pressing the control button. This device will store the last color chose.
  • Made of ABS Shell and Silicone Arm.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Powered by 3 AAA Batteries. ( Not included)
    or under running water.
  • It only works in dark environments.


30 Day Warranty





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