25-foot Jumper Cable


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Breathe new life into your vehicle with the Pennzoil Jumper Cable Kit. Our booster cables are the only set you’ll need to give your car van or SUV that extra boost. They’re ideal for jumpstarting 12-volt batteries when they haven’t been used for some time or after the battery has been drained. So if you forgot to turn off your headlights or the lighting in the interior of the vehicle there’s no need to worry because you have the right tools and accessories to revive your automobile. Strong clamps: Our clamps with copper teeth will remain securely attached to the battery terminal as power transfers from the live battery to the dead battery. Save space: Includes a carrying bag for easy storage inside the trunk of your vehicle or boat. Easy to use: Charging your automobile will only take a matter of minutes. Please follow the instructions located on the back of the carrying case.


  • Copper teeth
  • Thermoplastic rubber construction
  • Tangle-free
  • Cold temperature resistant
  • Carrying case


30 Day Warranty





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