10 in. Majesty Palm in Paradise Planter


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  • Suitable for indoor spaces
  • Palm thrives in medium to bright light
  • Can be planted throughout the year
  • Use majesty palm to fill empty corners in your home, or line up several as a living screen or room divider
  • Indoors, majesty palm thrives in a spot with medium to bright light
  • Water majesty palm enough to keep the potting mix evenly moist, but not wet or saturated. Ships well rooted in grower pot dropped into a light-weight decor planter, planter has drainage holes, drainage holes allow excess water to escape, saucer or tray not included.
  • Majesty palm benefits from frequent misting as it prefers humid environments
  • Shipping height between 38 in. to 44 in. measured from the bottom of the pot to top of plant, ships direct from our farm to your home



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